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Devlop a tailored brand identity or bring your company’s logo and website to life with our creative in-house design team


Ensure an optimised user experience with our affordable full-stak website,e-commerce and application development services.


Accelerate your brand awareness and leverage your data to strategically drive customers to your e-commerce store.


Customise and create your proffessional platform to suit any marketplace and eliminate your workload to as little as possible.


Tek Def is a growing business with passionate tech enthusiasts and dedicated professionals from all around the world. Our collaborative and diverse teams, work with our clients to bring their digital vision to life. With offices in three major cities in Thailand – our work environment has helped cultivate teams of healthy, creative, motivated, and dedicated individuals. With our offices within close proximity to international airports, we are able to support both local and international businesses with remote and on-the-ground assistance to develop and scale their digital roots.

Our Services

Tekdef is a leading digital marketing agency in Thailand that exclusively works with small to medium size businesses. The company offers a wide range of services including Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Website Design and Development, E-commerce Marketing and Content marketing.

Search Engine Marketing

We have years of experience in the SEM industry and will ensure that your organization receives the optimum positioning in search engine rankings.


Our team of experts can help you design growth strategies that will help improve your sales and other critical business metrics. We offer a multi-channel marketing approach for your online store on different online platforms.


Tekdef offers a complete ecommerce solution for firms and companies looking to launch and maintain a professional online presence.

Lead Generation

Tekdef helps you to generate more leads online and reach out to new potential customers. We help you create an effective online presence and maximize your lead generation efforts.

Social Media Marketing

As a leading Social Media Marketing agency in Thailand, we strive to build a solid competitive position for your online presence on top social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube


We provide enterprise-level ecommerce UX and design services to businesses of all sizes. Our services help in incorporating user experience design and development activities in every stage of the life cycle of application development.

Featured Projects


We take the time to listen to ideas! An esports agency delivering premium services to esports talent and brands got in contact with us to help build their website. They explained to us their ideas and how they would want their website to look and function. With this information, our experts assisted with developing their Home Page, Blog page/posts and service pages that contain a mix of branding, design, business, marketing, coaching and related services packaged under tiered programs geared towards building the complete professional.

Live Kaarten

We have had the opportunity to assist LiveKaarten with their UI and UX designs and help them assure the most user-friendly site for all their customers. So far after using our services they’ve received a lot of positive feedback from their most loyal customers on how easy it is to use and purchase from their site. Currently, we are managing their Google Ads, their google ads budget is +600k Euro per year and overall, our services have made their customer retention increase steadily.

Skyline Live Support Corporation

Authentic customer support has always been a passionate interest of our team. It was an exciting opportunity to assist Skyline with developing a website that brought across the supportive family-like environment behind the brand. We worked closely with their team to reimagine and develop their website, as well as design and market their brand.

Game Goat

Game Goat (GG), a trusted business consultant in the gaming world as well as a streetwear clothing brand that embodies the spirit of competition and passion found in gaming and sports. GG is an international brand based in Hong Kong, focusing on fostering successful collaborations in the gaming industry and creating fashion and merchandise that celebrates the greatest in competitive fields such as gaming and sports.

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