A Customer Support Service That Puts the Client First

Customer support service is the glue that binds all other aspects of IT services together. We can have a skilled tech team with the most talented programmers and yet fall behind the competition if we aren’t attuned to issues that client’s raise. We at Tek Def understand this and provide comprehensive customer support services to business to help them tackle their customer grievances in a timely and well-thought-out manner.

Customer Service Skills We Bring to The Table

IT is a fast-paced service environment. There are usually multiple projects being handled by a company at a point in time. In such a scenario, it is easy for a company to overlook, miss or address though haphazardly, customer grievances. With Tek Def, this isn’t a worry as we take a different approach, treating all queries as promptly as we can. The blueprint of our operations that ensures we stay on top of our game can be summed up in the following features:

  • Patience

Our experience in developing projects for a variety of clients has taught us that a bit of patience can go a long way in a B2C relationship. Simply listening attentively to what a customer has to say is half the work done. When you listen, you also realize how the issue can be solved as quickly as possible. Not having the requisite patience to understand the customer’s perspective reflects poorly on the customer service associate, and in turn, the business as well.

  • Clarity

At times, we are in such a rush to say what we want to, that we sacrifice the clarity of what we are trying to say. A client may be right in assuming that they have communicated the issue, but the customer care associate may have misunderstood certain crucial aspects of it, leading only to more problems. Our customer support team is trained to clear any doubts they may face when they interact with the client. We tackle one issue at a time, resolving it completely, and then moving on.

  • Knowledge

We take pride in our customer service representatives who are well drilled in the various aspects of B2C and B2B relationships. They are well versed with the entire length and breadth of a client’s offerings, leading to the development of streamlined processes that help generate solutions in double quick time.

  • A Patient Ear

We believe that listening attentively to the customer is half the work done. The interaction not only allows us to gain an insight into the problem at hand, but the patience that we show allows us to create long-lasting customer relationships as well. When you listen, you also realize how the issue can be solved as quickly as possible. If the customer service associate is in a rush to get the call over and done with, that will not only reflect badly on the customer support representative but the company as a whole as well.

Why Clients Prefer to Work With Us

Customers often expect service that is not only exceptional but consistent as well. To help clients provide that level of support to their customers, Tek Def follows customer service best practices, some of which are listed below:

  • Hire right people & treat them well

Our customer support personnel are your brand’s diplomats. It is through them that you form and maintain connections with your customers that help keep you in business. We realize that this is an absolutely crucial position and not one that should be entrusted to any and everyone. We take our time while hiring support professionals to make sure whoever we bring on board are up to the task.

  • Manage customer expectations

Customers often tend to expect the world, but promising the world to them may not be the best way forward. Making promises you can’t keep leads to dis-satisfied customers which can prove costly for any business. Instead, we tell customers exactly what they can expect from us, and then work towards exceeding those expectations. By doing this your customers see that your business is ready to go the extra mile, and you don’t have to worry about damage control from unfulfilled promises as well.

  • Focus on first impressions

In business, you don’t ever get a second chance at making a good first impression. This has become truer over recent years as customers have gotten more connected. If a customer has a bad experience, they can easily find other company’s selling the same services and/or products like you — often with nothing more than just a couple of mouse or touch screen clicks. When new customers are introduced to your company, Tek Def ensures you keep them with your company. We believe that customer relationships that start off strong will be much more likely to stay strong.

Don’t fall behind the competitive curve. Let Tek Def give your customers the kind of service that grows brand advocates, and your company’s success will follow.

A Customer Support Service That Delivers Results

At TekDef, we believe that our team and the client share a common aim – provide services that contribute towards the working success of a business. It is to this end that our customer support service reflects our energy and commitment towards developing future-forward IT products that spell success.