Affiliate Coordinator

Job description: Influencer Outreach

  • Keep growing our database of influencers in the crypto and other related niches
  • Record their niches, platforms and rates
  • Send them updates based on their requirements (in case they are interested in these)
  • Keep finding more sources for influencers: Xatonax data system, influencer hire platforms, direct outreach (find influencer search engine), ask all projects we talk with an updated list of their influencers, check all TG competitions for best performers

Affiliate Relations

  • Maintain open communication with affiliates, outreach to all of them, collect information about their platforms and what kind of information they need to do their job better
  • Maintain updates going to them (based on their requested information)
  • Create mailing lists and tracking sheets for information above
  • Create a newsletter format email to keep them updated

Clients/Projects Relations

  • Maintain communication with projects and get all content from them