Best Application Development Services

It would not be an exaggeration to say that apps are the front and centre of our lives: Right from ordering food to calling a cab to booking event tickets to even watching movies and tv shows. An app is all you need. With a smartphone now in almost every human hand on our planet, we are at the cusp of a digital revolution, where apps are driving the future forward.

Just a glance at a statistic that emerged from a developer conference held by a digital giant reveals the all-mighty influence of apps: More than 280,000,000 smartphone users check an app on their phone at least 60 times a day. What the statistic does not reveal is the fertile, booming landscape that has been created for application development.

TekDef, with its skilled development team, is at the right place at the right time to help your business agency fulfil its true potential by unleashing the competitive benefits that apps present.

More Than Just A Tech Platform

The smartphone, for all intent and purposes, was designed for personal communication. What transpired is that the same smartphone has transformed into a powerful and legitimate business platform, allowing commercial enterprises to tap directly into their target audience. You could say that the the new wave of IT is upon us. TekDef is well versed with all the nuances of application development, providing a multi-pronged approach that will help adapt your app to various ecosystems. Android or iOS, smartphone or tablet, our focus remains on delivering an intuitive user interface that will best drive the client’s business forward.

The developer team at TekDef is passionate about technology and is continually striving for innovative ways in which a commercial enterprise can engage its audience through mobile technology. We bring our considerable Digital Marketing experience coupled with modern Customer Support services to provide clients with a streamlined platform, ripe for success.

Apps are not only our present, they are going to be part of our future as well. The experts at TekDef have studied up close the industry trends and look to apply its extensive research on enabling our clients stay ahead of the competitive curve.

A Thorough Process

Application development may seem like an out and out tech job, but there are multiples factors to consider. Even before writing the first line of code, the TekDef team analyses a wide range of paradigms so that we can deliver what’s best for the client.

Our initial steps are all about understanding the specific needs and requirements of our clients, especially what their aspirations are with the app. Then we move to the technical side of the project, where we chalk out blueprints that include   product specifications and interface design. The aim here is to provide an understanding of how the application will work in different environments.

Quality assurance follows next, where we ensure that no aspect, however minor, has been left unattended. The final step of our process deals with acquiring compliances from the PlayStore and the App store.

Apps & More…

It is easy to get so enthralled by the potential of apps, that we forget there are other tech tools that play an important role in business development – web apps and plugins. When you need to send out a work email, develop presentations, and maintain company records, you will need a robust support system. With our application development process, clients can look forward to a sturdy web-based infrastructure that includes spreadsheets, word processers, and internal communication.

In other words, a cloud interface.

There are a few competitive benefits to such an interface: one, and perhaps the most important, is that the costs are far less than creating and maintaining a hardware network for your business; two, a secure cloud platform transforms your business into a nimble, agile enterprise devoid of any tech red-tape.

A cloud platform also allows you to save on precious office realty, because you do not require the space to store clunky hardware. The uniformity of the platform encourages all the employee to be on the same page, eliminating compatibility issues. The business again benefits from accelerated productivity because time is not wasted on familiarising with a new system.

Perhaps the greatest benefit that web-based app and plugins provide is the reduced operational costs, possible due to minimal maintenance and a minimal tech footprint.

Cloud systems are the way forward, and TekDef development team enables your business to the next step, staying ahead of the competition.

Non-Intrusive Solutions

Whether you are an established business or a start-up, you are always concerned about overhead expenses. For the former, the concern is whether the expenses will eat into their bottom line; for the latter, it is a matter of their survival. The non-invasive solutions offered by TekDef may just be the platform to launch your forward.

Our cloud-based operating systems require all of three things:

  1. A web-based server that we will manage on the client’s behalf. This reduces further any tech footprint on the client, enabling them to focus completely on their core expertise.
  2. An application server that will be required to perform office tasks such as communication, emails, and sharing work between colleagues, to name a few.
  3. The third aspect may or may not be required, depending on the client. We provide databases that can store information, encrypted by the latest security measures.

Our tech solutions are based on economy, with absolutely no compromise on safety and security. We build IT infrastructures that allow business to grow and expand on the back of a robust network.

The TekDef Advantage

When it comes to application development, our constant endeavour is to deliver cutting-edge solutions that enable our clients to be a leader in their respective verticals. Our team relies on building a strong base with the client, based on face-to-face communication, and then delivering to expectation. Our focus always remains on developing innovative tech solutions that are pocket friendly, while remaining a step ahead of the competition. When you work with us, you will find that we are always striving to find an original, creative solution that provides a reliable springboard for your organization to launch forward.