Become A Masterful Content Creator Using Keyword Research

Content creation has become extremely flexible and optimised over the years as people and businesses continue shaping it into something pretty useful. No more are only keywords the norm when attracting potential clients and customers. Nowadays, content creation can include anything, but keywords are still the leading factor in increasing traffic.

As such, keyword research is a necessity when it comes to promoting your company, turning leads into paying clients, and spreading awareness of what you do. This blog post has been meticulously crafted so it provides enough useful information to you in a way that will give you an edge over your competitors.

What is keyword research for content creation?

Simply put, researching keywords that are relevant for your line of work and company (or yourself as an individual) gives you insight into what people search for on the Internet. Most keywords are longer than 2 words as people generally want as precise of an answer as possible for their queries.

This isn’t to say that shorter keywords are useless; on the contrary, if you’re creating content for a broad topic, it’s better to use many shorter keywords than only a few longer ones (keep in mind that it’s best to use the best of both worlds).

Most search queries (10k+) contain 2 or 3 words but they’re also much broader in substance; really specific queries contain 4 or more words.

Proper keyword research is the basis of all content creation success and as such, must be practiced regularly when posting any type of content.

Why is it important?

There are multiple reasons behind the importance of keyword research which means there are also plenty of different ways you can research and implement those keywords.

Improves your reputation

Concise, precise, and informative content will not only attract new people to your company but will also show them that you mean business. There’s no better way of showing customers your expertise and speciality in a subject than by giving them the exact answer they’re looking for.

As a result, people who are happy with your content are more likely to recommend you to their friends, family, or acquaintances (or even on anonymous forums!).

Allow you to identify topics that your target customers are most likely to appreciate which influences the amount of traffic your content will receive

Whenever you plan on rolling out certain content, it’s best to research the keywords associated with that specific content. Check out what your competitors are doing and what keywords rank best for your selected topic. This will also provide insight into who your target customers are which makes it easier to prepare something they’ll appreciate and love.

Drive the visibility and success of your website

Websites that incorporate a wide variety of high-ranking keywords also fare better on the traffic front. Each of your blog posts (or other content you post) should contain researched and effective keywords as this entails better visibility of your website and, ultimately, its success. Another benefit of this is that customers will linger on your website for longer, maybe even looking at content that originally didn’t interest them.

Boost engagement metrics, encourage social sharing and backlinks

There’s a large number of engagement metrics that you should look at to see how well your website is faring with customers. Apart from keeping an eye on that, keyword research guarantees that you’ll use keywords which are most relevant to what you represent and want to offer.

Proper keyword use doesn’t just boost engagement metrics but also encourages social sharing (if people have enjoyed looking at or reading your content, they’re more likely to share it on social media channels). Backlinks are especially important here as it basically means another website or your customers are linking your website thus driving traffic to it.

Rank higher in the SERPs

Search Engine Results Pages (or SERPs for short) are simply the results pages you see in search engines once you enter a query. Ranking not just higher but also towards the front of the pack guarantees better visibility and a potentially huge increase in traffic. The best way to do this is to utilise proper keywords for the topics you want to promote. Also, keep your content in check length wise – the average content length for 1st and 2nd position spots on the first page is 2450 words.

Content can be created for reasons beyond simply ranking for a keyword

As I said at the beginning, content creation today has evolved drastically over how it was a few years ago. Nowadays, almost all shared content features plenty of written information as well as media to boost it even further.

What must be said is that Google has changed the way it ranks websites; using only keywords is simply not enough, although it is instrumental in achieving success. Now, the more organic your content is (including keyword use and placement), the better your ranking on SERPs.

Remember that content has become a staple of modern digital marketing precisely because it serves so many use-cases. Content can be created for reasons beyond simply ranking for a keyword

Grow a list of email subscriptions

Email subscriptions are a great way of getting more traffic to your website or simply keeping customers constantly interested in your offers. Short-form email content with sufficient information to ignite an interest (but not too much else they won’t have a need to visit your website) is a very effective method of improving the public’s opinion of you as well as pushing them towards your website.

Build thought leadership

Most people don’t really know what thought leadership means in the marketing or promotional sense. However, this is simply because they haven’t used it to their advantage. Thought leadership is the ability to recognise a problem and solution whilst tapping into the talent, passion, and experience to reach a solution. It provides an efficient and effective method to solve certain issues.

Build relationships with consumers

Brand loyalty is something all companies should strive for. It guarantees recurring sales and potentially even more customers through word-of-mouth recommendations. Content that your customers can use and learn from (as well as your relationship with them) creates a friendly environment and one where customers feel they are respected and fairly represented.

Grow a following on social media or amplify an existing one

Social media plays a huge role in our lives and is one of the best mediums one can use to promote various products or services. Social media-specific content differs slightly from other types of content and usually isn’t as ‘large’ but it can (and usually does) make a big impact on improving marketing.

Whilst social media has many benefits, the largest one is definitely improving the effectiveness of marketing

An important thing to remember: Data is critical. Search keyword data isn’t always what you need to achieve success. You also have to search for information about what content has previously performed well on social channels, or what’s worked with a particular audience, the language employed in headlines and titles, and lastly hashtags and phrasing formulae that have familiarity among your customer targets. To access and find all of this information, you’ll need a specific set of tools:

Youtube – Video content provides plenty of insight into what customers want to see, hear, or experience by visual means.

Reddit – The best place to check out how specific communities function, what their talking points are and what they’re looking for.

Quora – Perfect for finding answers to an infinite supply of questions.

Google News – Staying in tune with the current developments in the world will give you an edge into how to prepare your content for your chosen group of people.

BuzzSumo – A website that you can use to discover content ideas, identify experienced and passionate content creators and influencers, and discover platform insights.

SparkToro – A tool perfect for identifying customer affiliations and preferences; essentially an audience research tool.

SEMRush – Offers various SEO, content, PPC, social media, and research solutions to help you prepare the best content possible.

The best content strategists utilise many different methods, with videos, blogs, and eBooks leading the charge

How can you use these tools to your advantage?

There’s a simple process flow you should follow to maximise efficiency when using these tools:

How can you use these tools to your advantage?

There’s a simple process flow you should follow to maximise efficiency when using these tools:

01 Start by choosing a topic, existing piece of content, hashtag, social media account, area of interest, or website. Checking out competitor’s solutions and choices can be a potent method of figuring out what works best.

02 Enter the chosen element (topic/hashtag/phrase/etc.) into a social network, google news, or content network such as Youtube or Reddit. Keep doing this for all until you have a clear image of how to format and prepare your content for use.

03 Find websites, posts, coverage, or content (of any kind as long as it’s relevant to what you’re trying to achieve) that have earned significant traction and compile a list of these. This list will come in handy whenever you’re looking to find out information about the topics you’re looking for.

04 Add metrics to your list wherever possible! The importance of this cannot be overstated; metrics are imperative in keeping track of what works (and to which extent) and what doesn’t.

05 Use the data you find to enhance your content creation and promotion strategy whilst also answering the question ‘Who will amplify this and why?’

Take a shortcut to your final destination – success

This brings us to the end of the blog post. We hope you learned something new but this is only the beginning. Tek Def has many years of experience within the marketing and promotion world as well as knowledge to bring you to the top. Our SEO, content creation, lead generation, and marketing solutions have been specifically designed to make your dreams come true quickly.

Your business will be in good hands and will experience exponential growth thanks to our specialists who are exceptional at what they do whilst also being passionate. We hope you enjoyed our article and hope to hear from you soon.



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