How To Create A Winning Landing Page

basic winning landing page

Sometimes, a beautifully designed and well-optimised page makes all the difference. You know the ones. They get straight to the point and describe exactly why you need that particular product, or why you should use that service in a convincing way. There may also be a great offer to be redeemed. Whatever the reasoning, there is no denying the power of a landing page.

So what exactly makes a landing page a landing page? How can you make one that converts? Let’s take a look at how and why landing pages are such an effective weapon in your marketing arsenal.

What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is a website or webpage that is used as the destination point for a marketing campaign. For example, any ads you run or promotions you post will link to this specific page. As such, it is one of the first major touchpoints a customer will have with your brand.

What differentiates landing pages from regular web pages is how they are optimised to push conversions through the use of call to actions. In fact, they are actually a tactic used by marketers and salespeople alike to funnel people to make that action.

what is a winning landing page

In terms of design, landing pages are short and to the point. This is to ensure that visitors are given a single, clear message without any distractions. They can be made on purpose built websites with their own domain, or otherwise it can be located on a dedicated page on a company website. There are some important things to consider, however.

What Are They For?

Essentially any lead generation campaign can benefit from the use of a landing page. They are highly focused and tailored for the cause at hand. They provide all the necessary information for the visitor to make their decision. They are also engineered to lead visitors to the call to action. This means you are able focus their attention on a form or button.

Ultimately, the purpose of landing pages is to convert a visitor into a proper lead, and capture their details. This is why it is such a common tool used in lead generation marketing. So now we know what a landing page is, what makes a good one?

What Makes A Good Landing Page?

Unfortunately, there is no single template for the perfect landing page. There are a whole host of different aspects that will impact the final product. However, there are some common elements that you should work on to optimise your landing page for lead generation:

The Content

use content to create winning landing page

The way it works is by being very particular with every word on the page. You need to convince the visitor that your product is worthwhile, or at the very least worth the effort of filling in the form.

Headlines are probably the most important element, as it is the first thing the visitor will see when landing on the page. You need to write something that captures their attention and makes them want to continue reading into the rest of the content you put so much work into creating.

Don’t forget to include an image or two for good measure, as they convey a lot more information at a short glance. They look nice, too. Saying that, you shouldn’t skimp on the copy either. This copy should be compelling, with a clear and concise message. You know that your offer is great, you just need to convince the readers about that.

As mentioned, there is no set length for landing pages, but they are usually on the shorter end. It varies depending on the information the visitor needs to know to be properly informed of the product or service on offer. All the relevant content should be contained on a single page though, so you shouldn’t be including every last detail about your company and its history.

The Call To Action

 the winning landing page must have this element

The call to action is the action you are pushing the visitors to make. As with the rest of the content, it needs to be simple and concise. As such, it should be something like a “sign up” button or a short form where the visitor must fill in their details to receive something of value in return.

You should only include a single link on your page though, which would be the one for the specific offer at hand. You can include multiple instances of this link at different points on the page to facilitate those who want to make a quick decision (preferably above the fold), but they should all result in the same action.

For the conversion process, think about the steps visitors will need to take in order to convert through your page. This is essentially the whole purpose of the page, so you should think carefully about the message you use and, in the case of forms, which details you want to capture. Try to pick a good balance so as to not deter the visitor, but still get what you need.

Leave only the necessities and remove any barriers that may cause friction. If you can contain the process onto the page rather than redirecting elsewhere, then that would be even better.

The Audience

identify your audience to grab more traffic

As you can imagine, creating the perfect landing page involves a lot of research and analysis. You need to know exactly who you are targeting in order to make the page more enticing to them. Thankfully, there are a few techniques you can use to hone in on your audience.

Buyer personas are a tried-and-true way to categorise your audience. With the data you gather, you should be able to produce profiles on your user base. You can then create these personas using any overlaps, giving you a more tangible audience group to target.

You will also need to contend with the buyer’s journey. At what point on their journey are you reaching them? Knowing where they stand with your brand will be tremendously important when crafting your landing page and offer. Once you find out where they are in the marketing funnel, you can make a decision on what to offer them.

The offer needs to be something worthwhile, something that will make the audience click the initial ad and then proceed to convert on your landing page. An ebook, webinar or discount are a few examples.

Remember, the page needs to be focused on that singular offer. That is what your visitors came to see, after all. Seeing anything that deviates too far from that initial message will cause people to leave.

There are many other things to consider at this point, too.

Other Considerations

the way to drive traffic

Now that you have a landing page with a great offer, you can now start sending people there. This is where you will need to consider how to drive traffic to your landing page. There are many different ways to go about this, but ads are probably your best bet.

Whether you post them on Google, social media or some other network, make sure the ad clearly gets the message across regarding the offer. Think of your landing page as an extension to those ads, elaborating on the benefits and encouraging them to convert.

As a web page, you may be thinking that you could include it as a part of your SEO campaign. There is nothing really stopping it from doing so. If it has been crawled and is optimised enough, it could end up towards the top results. However, that is not really the point of landing pages.

As they have been crafted to fit the targeted users so closely, having organic traffic come in from Google and the like will skew your results and hinder your ability to optimise.

Don’t forget to continually analyse your results. Check how many visitors end up converting, how many people clicked the button but didn’t fully convert, and who these visitors are. A/B testing will be one of the best ways to ensure your page is the best it can be. Try out different images, text and even offer, if possible.

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Looking To Build Your Own Effective Landing Page?

Creating your own landing page doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as you have a good product or offer for the visitors and are able to keep them on the page long enough to convert them, then you should be good to go. However, having a beautifully designed and well-optimised landing page may just help you up the number of leads you get.

Our experts are here to help you build and manage your very own landing page. From design and content to optimisation and A/B testing, we provide an all-round service to get your page up and running, ready to start converting.

Want to learn more? Reach out to our team at TekDef and let’s discuss how we can help you create the perfect landing.

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