Communicate your business personality and build your customer’s perception of who you are. Differentiate yourself from your competitors and create trust and loyalty from those who do business with you.

Symbols used for brand identity

Estimated Brand Identity costs

Design Service

Type of logo

$750 – $1,650

Logo Style

$300 – $650

Color Scheme for company/logo


Brand guidelines created


App icon


Additional assets created with your logo
(Business cards)


Shape a quality visual identity for your brand that is aligned with your vision, mission, values, target audience and positioning. Make a good first impression of your business, both online and offline. Reduce the risk of turning away potential clients with an unprofessional brand. Attract those who share the same values and develop a long – term relationship with those customers.

Connect your brand authenticity with your audience, 86 percent of customers say that authenticity is a major factor when deciding what brands they like to work with.

One survey revealed that 81 percent of customers claim they need to be able to trust the brand to buy from them.

Using a signature colour is also one of the main factors that help increase brand recognition by 80 percent and it takes only 0.05 seconds for customers to form an opinion about your business.

Having a consistent presentation of a brand has seen to increase revenue by 33 percent. So if you have a business, that means that you already have a brand, and what you do with it is up to you.

See your corporate logo and brand identity brought to life as you work alongside our professional design team to create your vision of your company.

Customise your logo to any specification and let us take it that step further to designing your corporate marketing assets and press packages.

STEP 1 | Business Analysis

We start by analysing your business to determine how much support is needed. This includes checking your current website, current strategies and the objectives you would like to achieve.

STEP 2 | Budget Planning

We will help you plan and organise your budget appropriately to ensure that you have a sufficient budget and also for you to know what you are spending it on.

STEP 3 | Colour Scheme

Our team will contact you to discuss your colour scheme (if you have one), this will be used for designing your website including other elements for your business. However, if you do not have a colour scheme, we will help create one for you.

STEP 4 | Branding Guidelines

Once you have a Colour Scheme, we will help you create a branding guideline. This is important as it will help people within your business understand the rules and useability of each element of your brand.

STEP 5 |  Logo Designing

Our team of professional designers will work with you to create a logo that aligns with your colour scheme, vision, mission, values, etc. Or if you already have one we will help with redesigning your logo.

STEP 6 | Additional Assets

If additional assets such as business cards are needed, we will design them for you!

  • Type of Logo
  • Logo Style
  • Colour Scheme for Company/Logo
  • Brand Guidelines Creation
  • App Icon
  • Additional Assets Created with Your Logo (EX. Business Cards, etc.)

You help us by sharing your ideas and establishing the objectives you consider significant for your business. We will analyse your business and provide you with the highest level of support you would expect from a business partner.

  • Tell Us Everything You Need

         Share with us your creative ideas or problems. Our professional team will help analyse and find the right solution for your business.

  • Sign the Contract

         Mutual agreement is essential to a healthy partnership. Once the deal is settled, we will send you the contract so you can review again and sign once you are satisfied.

  • Create a Plan

         Our professional team will contact you to discuss and suggest ways to create an effective plan that suits your requirements.

  • Apply Strategy

        Our dedicated team will work with you to start with the designs, creation, applying strategies, run your project and closely monitor.

  • Following Up with Results

         Up-to-date results will be communicated, so you’ll see how well and active your project is performing.

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Type of logo
Logo Style
Color Scheme for company/logo
Brand guidelines created
App icon
Additional assets created with your logo (Business cards)


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