Cutting Edge Stock And E-Commerce Systems

On the face of it, a website dispensing e-commerce services looks and feels like a simple endeavor. Simplicity is a key element, which then attracts more and more buyers to the website. Behind the face of the website, however, there are multiple algorithms and countless calculations that go into making it work like clockwork. You really cannot afford to even have a strand out of place, as this will be enough to create a negative impression on the minds of the buyers, whose loyalties are as fickle as the summer in Antarctica.

Our team delivers e commerce systems that harness the limitless possibilities of the web, and then brings it all together to create a competitive, working website.

We Have Got Your Back

The team at TekDef goes beyond merely creating a visual template for the client. We take care of all the essential infrastructure, such as the backend, the payment gateway as well as integrating the website with social plugins. Here’s a sneak peek on what you can expect from our development team:

  • A Complete Content Management System

We work closely with the client to identify a system that will suit their needs to the t. With a variety of platforms available, our team tends to give our clients the first say. The more tech-savvy of them are confident of what they want. But more often than not, we end up suggesting the WordPress e commerce suite as an ideal solution. In fact, some of our best work has been done using the WordPress system; their Open Source Content Management System powers nearly a quarter of the internet.

  • Delivering Valuable Big Data

Information is everything today. And our development team makes it that much easier for our clients to get their hands on valuable insights on their target audience. This is achieved by integrating the powerful Google Analytics. The tool provides accurate, real-time information on the visitors to the website, which can then be applied to gain marketing insights.

  • A Secure E Commerce Platform

Security is one of the most important features of an e commerce website. In an age where data theft occurs to even the biggest names in the industry, we provide a robust, encrypted infrastructure that keeps the site away from prying eyes. This is not a one-time job. It requires constant monitoring and surveillance to thwart any hacks. Our tech team works with the latest software technology to ensure that the information of your customers are kept safe, in a virtual vault.

  • Search Engine Optimization

E commerce is an intensively competitive marketplace. You will need to utilize all the available tools to make a mark. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one them. Our e commerce systems offer a comprehensive package that optimizes your online brand, enabling it to rank high on Google and other search engines. The team recognizes that products play the most important role on a retail platform, and uses intelligent keywords built around them to achieve success for the client.

The TekDef Delivery Process

The endeavour at TekDef is to ensure that our clients receive the cutting edge, in terms of web technology. We follow a detailed process that only increases the chance of success. Here’s a quick look at our blueprint for building a WordPress e commerce site:

  • A Detailed Interview

We prefer meeting face to face, or at least a Skype video call to get to know the client better. The interview is our way of understanding exactly what the objectives are of the project, and what is the desired result. There are times when a client is more interested in creating an alluring, visual website; and there are times when the focus is more on attracting visitors through discounts and promotions.

  • Our Brief

Once the interview gets done, our development team then gets down to summarizing what we understand of the project in a neat brief. This is then presented to the client, usually within a week. Once they sign off on our brief, the real work begins.

  • The Blueprint

Our development team creates mock-ups of what the website will look like. Depending on the project, we offer multiple mock-ups to ensure that the client is well on board with our vision. The team also keeps its ears open for any constructive feedback. Once the design has been approved, the team then gets the copy ready. Words play an equally important role and our copy-writing team ensures that the right words are used to hook the target.

  • Building The E-Commerce Platform

Once the client has approved the design and the content, we get down to building the platform. Suggestions made or additions proposed after we begin building the website will be accommodated free of charge as much as possible. The aim here is to provide a stellar customer service and support.

  • Quality Assurance

After we have delivered the website, and it goes live, we provide a comprehensive training to the client on how to manage the backend. As a part of our e-commerce systems, we are available up to 6 months from the live release, to fix any bugs that may affect performance.

Through the entire process, our goal is to work in tandem with our client and deliver the best results possible.