Time for a rebrand? Refresh the look and feel of your brand to attract new customers. Showcase your expertise, stand out from your competitors and expand the reach of your products and services.

A refreshing and professional new start for your company website

Rebrand your company image and personality, show new and existing customers what is great about the changes you are making and why you are making them. Focus on new aspects of your company and promote them correctly for people to take notice and create new growth in an ever-evolving market.

Rebranding is a great way to show that your business is developing and growing.

The purpose of a rebrand is to improve your companies image to become more relevant, more competitive and more profitable in your target market.

Ensure the appearance of your business is ahead of the curve to show your customers that you pay attention to trends within your industry.

Portray a strong brand image that represents your company accurately and also captures the essence of your brand.

Decide what makes you unique and take the time to develop a rebranding strategy, so you can fight the chaotic experiences with clarity and confidence.

STEP 1 | Business Analysis

We start by analysing your business to determine how much support is needed. This includes checking your current website, current strategies and the objectives you would like to achieve.

STEP 2 | Budget Planning

We will help you plan and organise your budget appropriately to ensure that you have sufficient budget and also for you to understand what you are spending it on.

STEP 3 | Planning

Our dedicated team along with our professional designers will get in contact with you to discuss your requirements and give you suggestions about rebranding your website.

STEP 4 | Designing

Once we come up with a conclusion our team will start redesigning your website.

STEP 5 |  Communication

We will keep you updated on each step of the creation, this allows you to review and make comments on your website.

  • UI (user interface)
    • – Custom Wire Frame, Layout
    • – Attractive Image, Banner
    • – UI Design For a Better Page Speed
    • – Responsive Design (All Devices)
    • – UI Design Elements (Buttons, Icons, Sliders and Scrollbars)
    • – Choosing Correct Fonts and Typesetting
    • – Creating Animations (Slide Image, Chatbox, Pop-up Message)
    • – UI Design For Better Marketing Tools
  • UX (user experience)
    • – Analyse Your Brand
    • – Optimise Your Layout (Following Analytics)
    • – Unique Colour Scheme That Injects Branding Into the Website

You help us by sharing your ideas and establishing the objectives you consider significant for your business. We will analyse your business and provide you with the highest level of support you would expect from a business partner.

  • Tell Us Everything You Need

        Share with us your creative ideas or problems. Our professional team will help analyse and find the right solution for your business.

  • Sign the Contract

         Mutual agreement is essential to a healthy partnership. Once the deal is settled, we will send you the contract so you can review again and sign once you are satisfied.

  • Create a Plan

         Our professional team will contact you to discuss and suggest ways to create an effective plan that suits your requirements.

  • Apply Strategy

        Our dedicated team will then start with the designs, creation, applying strategies, run your project and closely monitor.

  • Following Up with Results

         Up-to-date results will be communicated, so you’ll see how well and active your project is performing.

Estimated Website Rebranding costs

Design Service

Website Rebranding

1 – 30 webpages
$1,100 – $20,000

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