Digital Marketing Solutions That Connect You to A Global Audience

There was a time when getting a service promoted meant relying on traditional, and costly, means of marketing i.e. TV, print, and radio. In the new millennium, the internet has revolutionised marketing strategies, throwing open the door for business enterprises of all shapes and sizes to compete with the big boys. Digital Marketing is the new buzzword, with commercial enterprises of various shapes and sizes looking to unlock the limitless potential of the digital realm.

SEO, whom many consider to be the internet’s invention, has gained ground on the traditional forms of marketing, and even surpassing them in some cases. The benefit is that we can now access a more egalitarian, and a more economical platform for businesses to promote their messages and encourage loyalty among their target.

The other advantage with Digital Marketing is that it does not matter whether you are a small business, a start-up, or a worldwide corporation; you can still reach out to a global audience. All that you need are some industry-specific Adwords.

TekDef – The Digital Marketing Specialists

Tackling SEO can feel like wading through a maze, if one is not aware of the multiple marketing platforms it offers. Then you have the specific Adwords to consider, which can be very effective if you get it right, and equally ineffective, if you don’t.  This is where our SEO team can step in, providing a complete customer support service.

Having delivered real world results for our clients, the valuable experience accrued has given us a real close look at aspects that can work and aspects that don’t work when promoting a brand online. Our focus remains on offering tailormade solutions that meet the specific requirements of our clients.

At TekDef, we adopt a variety of flexible approaches that you can pick and choose from. There is a standard service package that covers all the bases, including Adwords, which should provide a serious launching pad for a new business, service, or product. The package offers a great first step to establish your online presence with an economical budget.

Then you have customized package for more seasoned businesses who are looking to take the next step and stay ahead of the competitive curve. Our SEO team taps into the different creative and technical tools to boost the client’s profile and brand with their target audience.

Why Choose Digital Marketing

On the one hand, traditional forms of advertising can seem to have a wider appeal and a deeper reach; on the other hand, online platforms have proven to reach the intended target directly, cutting through any clutter.

The TekDef team, aware of the many benefits of SEO, bring them to the client’s doorstep:

  • A wider pool of promotional tools that are available.
  • A clutter-free platform where the audience is never as distracted as when viewing a TV ad or a print ad.
  • The ability of the online medium to hand-deliver the promotional message to the intended audience, with a minimum of spill over.

The factors mentioned in the list allow us complete control of who receives the marketing messages developed by our team and who does not. This is made possible with accurate demographic data that we mine from reliable sources. Having messages that only reach the intended target can lead to a competitive advantage that enables a business to stay ahead of the competition even in a cut-throat environment.

A pleasant side effect of marketing your brand online is the access to big data – information regarding the demographic you are interested in – at no extra cost. Considering that many enterprises pay top money to gain even a sliver of the information, what you receive is priceless, which can then be used to strategize the next marketing push.

A Variety Of Multiple Marketing Platforms

There are multiple marketing platforms that can be used to get your message through to your audience. Your specific objectives can help decide which is the best course to take, which our SEO team then applies to leverage your online presence. Here’s a quick snapshot to what we offer with our next wave of IT services :

  • Search Engine Optimization – With our unique use of Adwords, you can channel the powerhouse that is Google to direct any search query related to your industry, to your business website. It is as simple as that. The execution though requires a skilled hand and a deep knowledge of how to make the keywords boost your business brand. At TekDef, we consider this our expertise.
  • Search Engine Marketing – Your intended audience may not be searching for your business exactly, but with some nifty algorithms, your website and brand will pop up even when the audience is searching for a query that is only related to your specific vertical.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising – One of the oldest forms of Online Marketing along with SEO. PPCs may have lost a bit of their early aura, however, our strategy involves placing these ads on blogs and websites that are related to your business vertical. There’s a lot that can be achieved with a smart choice of words and some graphics.
  • Content Marketing – This is perhaps the next wave of promoting your brand online. The content can take different forms, including pictures and videos. What is of vital importance here is that the content you create will hook the audience and bring them to your product or service. Our team has the requisite skill set to curate the marketing communication that needs to be an indirect, soft sell.
  • Email – With internet technology zooming ahead at rapid pace, the email may seem a bit outdated. But it still retains a unique advantage of being clutter free. Your message will be delivered right into the inbox of your target. Then all that needs to happen is for them to open the mail. We can ensure that our creatively-worded subject line will be tempting enough.

Our Expertise

Digital Marketing offers many communication channels, each and every one of which leads to the target. Our SEO expertise only serves to amplify your marketing message.