An E-Commerce Platform to take your web-shop to the next level |

The next generation of big businesses are being built through e-commerce and not through traditional modes of commerce. The online platform offers the next step forward, allowing new enterprises to reimagine boundaries and remain a step ahead of the competition. E-commerce has thrown open the doors of the marketplace, where any enterprise can compete with the established business houses. All you need is a website, with an e-commerce platform that delivers results.

At TekDef, we are a team of passionate developers and designers who apply the latest technologies in web development to take your business forward.

The vast, innovative canvas of e-commerce lends itself into multiple channels that need considering. The e-commerce services we provide are tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of our clients. Our development team simplifies the complex maze of technical and marketing procedures, providing a springboard for success.

An E Commerce Platform That Delivers

Successful e-commerce websites look deceptively simple: The products take centre stage, the design is well spaced out, and the items of your preference can be ordered in a click. Simplicity is the key element, attracting more and more buyers to the website.

Behind the simple façade, lies the true challenge for a development team. There are multiple algorithms that go into making the website work like clockwork. Even a single element out of place can jeopardise the entire operation, which then has a domino effect, affecting consumer perception as well. In the virtual world, enterprises can ill afford negative impressions.

These are challenges that the TekDef team has the requisite skills and experience to meet head on. Our development team delivers e-commerce services that harness the limitless possibilities of the web, and then brings it all together to create a competitive, working website.

Our Innovative Solutions

TekDef looks at e-commerce from more than just a visual standpoint. While it always helps to have a website that is gorgeous to look at, our development team employs a more thought-out approach that includes essential infrastructure like the backend and payment gateway.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we deliver:

  • A Complete Content Management System

TekDef works closely with the client to develop a system that works to solve their specific challenges. We present various options to the client, who then takes the first pick. The more tech-savvy of them are confident of what they want; however, we often end up suggesting the WordPress e-commerce suite. The reason being that their Open Source Content Management System powers nearly a quarter of the internet. It is a system we trust, and some of our best work has been done on Word Press.

  • Focus On Big Data

Big data has revolutionised how enterprises gather vital information about their target audience. The TekDef team makes this task that much easier for our clients by integrating Google Analytics with the website, one of the most powerful tools for big data. This enables gathering real-time information about visitors to the website that can then be used to gain marketing insights.

  • A Safety-First E-Commerce Platform

One of the greatest risks to an e-commerce website is data theft. The past decade has seen conglomerates and big businesses battle with loss of personal and private information. TekDef understands the multi-headed risks and develops a robust, encrypted infrastructure that keeps the site away from prying eyes. To deliver a hack-proof website, we constantly monitor for any threats that may occur.  Our tech team works with the latest software technology to ensure that the information of your customers are kept safe, in a virtual vault.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

E-commerce is not only a booming vertical, it is also an immensely competitive one. An inch is neither given nor taken. In such a scenario, a business will need all the available tools to make a mark. SEO is one of them. The TekDef e-commerce services optimizes your online brand, enabling it to rank high on Google and other search engines. The focus remains on high visibility keywords that are tied to popular products that bring in more and more visitors to the website.

Our Step By Step Process

At TekDef, we constantly endeavour to deliver cutting edge web technology that enables our clients to compete with the very best in a vertical that is changing as we speak. Our development team believes that a detailed, step by step process can only increase the chances of success.  

Here’s the blueprint we offer for building a WordPress e-commerce site:

  • The First Interview

Our first step is to get to know the expectations of the client and what they seek to achieve with the e-commerce platform. The interview we undertake allows us to gain clarity on the objectives of the project, and desired results. At times, a client may require no more than a visually gorgeous website; other times, the focus is more on attracting new visitors through offering discounts and promotions.

  • The Brief

After the interview, our development prepares a detailed summary of what we have taken away from the initial round of meeting(s). The summary is then discussed with the client, usually within a week. Once they sign off on it, we then prepare to take the project forward.

  • Developing The E-Commerce Platform

Once the client has approved the blueprint and the mock-ups of the websites that our team has presented, we get down to developing the platform. At this stage, we are open to new suggestions and incorporate them without levying extra charges as much as possible. Our aim here is to provide a stellar customer support service.

  • Assurance Of Quality

After we have delivered the e-commerce platform, we continue our work with the client in the form of easy to grasp training modules for managing the backend. Our endeavour here is to enable the client to become familiar with the new platform and understand its workings. As a part of our e-commerce services, we are available up to 6 months from the live release, to fix any bugs that may affect performance.