Google Services

Google My Business

Help customers find your store and boost the discoverability of your business across Google maps, searches, and services. We grow your online presence to make your business more accessible and help you in building reputability that attracts new customers. Amplify the reach of your brand and tell your story with us.

Google Search Console

Apprehensive about your Google search ranking and looking for ways to improve it? Allow us to take the lead as we monitor your traffic and make smart decisions to optimize your website. Our specialist team help you to index at the top of Google search results by implementing strategies that boost your brand exposure, site analytics, customer retention strategies, and sales.


Seamlessly integrate your online work environment to improve your team’s productivity, communication, collaboration, and work efficiency. Help your team abroad, store your files on the cloud to access anything on-the-go and securely manage your users and data. This service provides an amalgamation of Google apps and tools for your business services that allows you to bring your projects to life.

Google Analytics

Are you wanting to make the most strategic and beneficial business decisions from your website data? We at Tek Def make the most of your data and ensure that you gain a deeper understanding of your customers to make the right decisions for your business. Our knowledge and experience allow us to accurately evaluate the performance of your website and assist you in setting profitable targets. Make online investments successful with our Google analytics service.

Google Data Studio

Let our marketing experts build customized data reports from all your Google marketing services. Distinctly outline your business objectives, so we can track multiple data streams that conveniently helps you better understand your users and predict consumer trends for the future. We configure your Google data studio reporting to assist you in achieving success.

Google Tag Manager

Shift your business focus or outmaneuver your competitor by having an in-depth understanding of how potential customers interact with your advertisements and site. We manage and deploy your website marketing tags to help you track advanced user interactions on your website. Customize this data to amplify your Google analytics product and help track advanced user input.