How To Define Your Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are a very effective tactic in marketing optimisation. They are worth their weight in gold to any marketer looking to get the most out of their spending and improve that all important ROI. It doesn’t take too long to get started, either.

A deep dive into your analytics and some research into the market should help to paint a picture of who your buyers actually are and who you should be focusing your efforts on. As you get more data over time, that picture will become even clearer. But we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves.

To start off, it is worth looking at what exactly makes up a buyer persona and how to effectively use them in your marketing campaigns.

What Is A Buyer Persona?

In short, buyer personas are pre-made profiles that help you to understand who exactly your customers are. These profiles can get really in-depth and descriptive. There are so many variables that you can and often should account for.

Think gender, age and location. This is just the beginning, though. It’s important not to get caught up in just the demographics as there are many other dimensions to consider as well.

You will need to consider their journey with your brand, their potential concerns and needs, and what they are hoping to achieve.

The main aim of buyer personas is to characterise your core customers. This will achieve a number of things. First, you will better understand who your customers are, as mentioned above.

Then, you will be able to better serve them by focusing your efforts for their needs. This is especially relevant when it comes to marketing, sales and even product development. Being able to optimise all of these areas of your business will increase efficiency. That results in less being money wasted and attracting higher quality lead

Can You Have Multiple Buyer Personas?

It is very rare for a business to have a single type of customer. When you consider just how diverse a customer pool can be, it makes sense that there should be multiple personas. After all, personas are essentially profiles of your most common or promising customers.

There are likely some scenarios where only having one makes sense. It depends a lot on the services or products you offer, as well as the industry you operate in. However, this is something that you should continually revisit.

Generally, most businesses should have multiple buyer personas. Otherwise, you may be ignoring potential leads.

How Do I Create A Buyer Persona For My Business?

I think it goes without saying, but buyer personas are specific to each individual business. There may be some overlap with others, but they would never be exactly the same. Therefore, you will need to create your own. This brings up the question: how do you create a buyer persona?

To start, you will need to do some research into the market. Look at the wider industry, your competitors and, if you have enough data, your own customers. You can even go as far as to interview people regarding your products. All of this will help you to narrow down who your ideal customer is, and thus shape your buyer personas.

We have touched upon a few of the different aspects that make up a buyer persona. There is the personal information such as their gender, age, location and income. Then there is also their professional profile such as their job title, the industry they work in and any special skills they have.

It ultimately comes down to finding patterns or overlaps between your customers. These details make for a good starting point in building up the picture.

Developing It Further

To really personify it, however, you will need to look deeper into the psyche of customers. Their values are a good start. You can then follow that up with goals and any challenges they face. Knowing this is key to making a deeper connection, helping to build trust.

Moving on, there are some other questions you need to answer. Where do these personas get their information from? What kind of media do they consume? Do they use any social media in particular? The answers to these questions will have obvious benefits in targeting them later on.

Finally, you should be thinking about whether there are any types of customer you want to avoid. Maybe they are too difficult to deal with, or are too expensive to support. This aspect is just as important as the others mentioned.

By finding the answers to all of this, you will quickly see the buyer persona take shape.

How Are Buyer Personas Used In Marketing?

At this point, we have established what buyer personas are, but haven’t yet covered how to apply them to your business. Let’s take a moment to think about how and why buyers make a purchase.

The how is quite simple on the surface. Most often, you will find that they are in need of the product or service on offer to achieve a goal. This could be changing up their style by buying new clothes, or achieving more sales by setting up a store on a marketplace.

What is a bit more interesting, though, is the question of why. Why do they choose you over your competitors? How did they come across your product? There are so many variables that come into play when making a purchase decision.

Perhaps you offer a niche service, or your business has a good reputation. Maybe they came across one of your articles. This is where buyer personas come in really handy. They give you a chance to look into why each type of buyer would decide to choose you over others.

After that, you can then work on implementing them.

Implementing Buyer Personas Into Your Campaigns

Now that’s out of the way, we can now work on applying the buyer personas. Perhaps the most obvious way is by creating content targeted at them. Depending on your persona profiles, you can change a number of things in your content output to better fit their needs.

This includes the platform (social media or news site), the tone of voice (authoritative or friendly), the purpose of the content (educational or analytic) and the language used (jargon or colloquial). The more detailed the persona you create, the more you can optimise content to be relevant to them.

For example, on a more basic level, knowing that your core customers are in their teens or early twenties would mean that you could effectively incorporate channels like TikTok into your marketing campaign. On a deeper level, you can leverage your buyer personas to develop content and even products that serve their needs better.

Another way to incorporate buyer personas into your marketing is to identify the customer pain points. Their goals also come into play here. Identifying and acting upon anything that will make their purchase any more difficult is obviously important. So is being able to help them achieve their goals or even just show that you understand them.

All in all, it will allow you to understand how you can help them. This brings us onto optimisation in lead generation. Quite often, businesses fall into the trap of focusing only on what they are offering, rather than on what the customer actually needs. This disconnect can lead to a lot of missed sales.

Familiarity and trust are exceptionally important when making a purchase. The best way to build trust with customers is to show genuine understanding and concern for their needs. In this sense, buyer personas help you to approach your marketing efforts with a more customer-focused mindset.

You can find several examples of buyer persona profiles here. Again, these are mainly for reference, as you are much better off developing your own that better reflect your business.

Start Developing Buyer Personas For Your Business

It is never too late to make use of this effective technique in your marketing, or even other areas of your business. In fact, having rich data of customers who have purchased from you can be very helpful in fleshing out your buyer personas.

Anyone can make a basic customer profile that will be effective in leading your marketing decisions. However, creating actionable buyer personas that consider the values, fears, goals and challenges of each customer that you can then leverage in all aspects of your business takes a lot of time and research to perfect.

Here at Tek Def, we have successfully developed in-depth buyer personas that have helped shape the approach of businesses to their customers. If you are looking to get more out of your marketing spend and build trust with your customers, reach out to us today and we can get working on discovering who your buyers are.



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