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Real Estate Agencies are now growing their sales by using Lead Generation Services.

  • Lead generation helps real estate agents just like you find clients and close deals
  • You’ll be able to target both buyers and sellers that live in a certain area, have certain interests, or looking for certain types of properties
  • Advertise in a specific area and gain leads in exchange for a monthly charge
  • This is done online through a combination of landing pages, social media channels, and other tools
  • Lead Generation helps determine whether a lead meets the requirements to purchase your product or service
  • It also helps you get qualified leads to avoid wasting time and money running after a lead who isn't interested in investing in your product or service

What some of our customers have to say


Lead Generation is really great for identifying your buyer persona. It helped us optimise our strategy and now we are flooded with customers waiting to schedule a call!

- Dexters -


We were quickly able to see results from our lead generation process. This helped us in making changes accordingly, now we don’t waste time selling to people who aren’t interested in our project.

- Northwood -

Stu Sutton

“ We’ve seen an increase in the number of leads coming through each month and have already converted many of those leads into buying customers. ”

- Jomtien Property -

Lead Generation offers the following features:

  • Customizable Landing Page (Opt-in Page, Long-Form Landing Page, Extra Long-Form Landing Page)
  • Landing page variations to target specific audiences
  • Call to action types
  • Customer domain integration
  • Paid traffic source (Facebook, Google)
  • Ads copywriting
  • Email funnel
  • Appointment scheduling app setup

Learn more about our secret system that will help keep your sales pipeline flowing

Getting started with Lead Generation is easy.

  • We’ll analyse your business to determine how much support is needed
  • We’ll also help you plan out your budget so you know what you’re spending it on
  • Our team will contact you to discuss requirements and suggestions on how we can help generate leads for your business
  • We’ll plan out an effective ads campaign strategy using any source that fits the objective to attract visitors to your Landing Page
  • Your Landing Page with a high-value content offer or lead magnet (Leads will get in exchange for their contact details) will be created to give your leads more info about your product or service 
  • Once we get their contact details we’ll start with the email funnel process 
  • We’ll compile your contact list and organize your contacts into groups ready to be passed on to your sales team

The Three Stages Of Traffic

  • Lead Generation is not only just about marketing.
  • It is a combination of marketing and sales altogether.
  • Don’t think that after you’ve received those leads it is the end.
  • Lead nurturing is what follows.
  • If you are not continuing the experience, then they are likely to disappear.
  • After-purchase care goes a long way into making them a fan who is more likely to return.
  • The end goal is to get people queuing up to buy from you.
  • To do that we need to use different tools to help target and warm up each type of traffic at each stage of the funnel.

Buyers Can Be Broken Down Into 4 Categories

  • In any market at any time, 3% of people are ready to buy.
  • Most people work hard running after that top 3%
  • However, the real money is in the 37% of people
  • This 37% is called awareness stage traffic. They are either gathering information or aware of the problem they have and looking for a solution.
  • 60% of people don't know that they have a problem
  • This is an advantage for you to get the attention of the market that's being ignored and transform them into loyal customers who continually drive sales into your business
  • The goal is to move the 97% of potential customers up the pyramid
  • Even disinterested prospects can turn into loyal customers if you know how to approach them
  • The problem is that most people treat every lead like the 3% who are ready to buy
  • To reach the 97% of people who aren't ready to buy, you have to educate them.
  • When a customer is not knowledgable on a subject, they are in a state of uncertainty and people don't buy at this state
  • The more they know the more likely they are to buy
  • Your message must be powerful, insightful, and education-based
  • When you have a system that takes cold traffic from Google, Facebook, or any other channel and 'warms it up' you're only talking to interested prospects, not time wasters
  • You can do this by giving them a high-value content offer i.e. free ebook, free video tutorial, free trial, or other value-based materials.
  • Take your best sales pitch or frequently asked questions and turn them into assets that nurture prospects at the same time as giving them information, you're also moving them up the pyramid
  • Position your solution as the obvious choice
  • Make an irresistible offer
  • If done right you'll easily see your sales double without having to spend more on your advertising

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