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Speed up your website using sophisticated image and video compression; and web-caching algorithms that deliver an optimized experience to your users. Explore lightweight themes and serve webpages through a content delivery system that makes your website readily available across the globe. Our team analyzes and enhances your website for search engine indexing and minimizing your page load times on mobile searches. We also provide a convenient service that allows you to work with our team to reimagine your website design and functionality that instantiates a fully responsive experience for your desktop, tablet, and mobile users. All these services plug directly into our existing WordPress packages that enhance our client’s existing infrastructure for extended scalability.

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Redesign website for Fully responsive (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile)
Analyze and optimize the website
User experience improvements with page speed in mobile search
Lazy Loading Images and Video
CDN (Content delivery network) performance could help Speeding up website
Compress images to speeding up website
Minimize files Javascript, CSS to speeding up
Annual site maintenance