The Cheapest And Most Effective Way To Get Traffic With Facebook Ads

Facebook remains as one of the most widely used social media websites worldwide. Millions of people use the platform every day, which is why many brands see the platform as the ideal ad network for their marketing campaigns. Facebook knows this. They offer a whole suite of services for advertisers looking to get their products seen.

However, there are some considerations to be made before implementing your first Facebook Ad campaign. That is why today, we will be looking at what it takes to make an ad campaign on Facebook successful and cost-effective.

Facebook Ads 101

We would imagine you don’t need an introduction to Facebook, which ranks not only amongst the top social media sites, but also the top websites in the world. With such a large user base, it makes sense that Facebook would offer extensive advertising opportunities. Facebook Ads is the service that enables you to reach this wide audience.

Ads on Facebook come in a number of formats: video, image, lead form and more. They can appear either in the users’ timeline or to the side of the page. At the same time, there are other ways to increase visibility of your brand on the platform, such as boosted and sponsored posts.

Of course, there is always the question of whether Facebook Ads are worth it. The short answer is yes, most likely. There are tons of options when it comes to targeting, with not only demographic options, but also their interests.

The different formats also offer a broad range of possibilities, depending on what your goals are with your campaign. All things considered, running ads on Facebook can be very lucrative if used correctly. So then, how do you use Facebook Ads effectively?

Best Practices For Facebook Ads

Getting the most out of your ad spend is the ultimate goal. On Facebook, there are a few best practices you can follow when implementing your ad campaigns to give you the best chance of success.

Make Sure Your Ads Are Up To Spec

Perhaps it should go without saying, but you need to make sure that all the content you use, whether text, image or video, is of the highest quality possible. Check for spelling errors, upload high resolution videos and images, and just generally ensure what you use reflects your brand in the best light. You should also be mindful of the specifications for each format so that your ad can run where you want it to without being cropped or stretched.

Speaking of specifications, the length of your ads can make a significant difference in their impact. While video ads on Facebook can be up to 31 seconds, many brands have found that keeping them closer to 15 seconds gets the best performance. This is due to how users use the platform, giving a few seconds attention to each post before moving on.

The same can be said with text and image ads. A common practice is to aim for titles of around five words, as these work best due to being clearer and more concise in their messaging. Generally with Facebook Ads, keeping things shorter allows you to get the message across quicker and thus be more likely to get your message out.

With that in mind, you can then move on to forming your audience. This involves thinking about who you are targeting, what your offer is, and how it will play into the buyer’s journey.

Know Who Are You Targeting

One of the best ways to determine who you should be targeting is by creating detailed buyer personas, using insights and analysis to make informed marketing decisions. Buyer personas allow you to optimise your ads by tailoring them to a specific user group – the audience you want to target.

By combining this knowledge with Facebook Ads’ extensive audience targeting tools, you can be sure that your ads are reaching those you want to target. There is a wide range of criteria to customise when creating your audience. They range from demographic (age, gender, etc.) to sociographic (personality, lifestyle, etc.), meaning the users’ interests and behaviors can be considered.

This level of targeting allows you to hone-in on quality users that will get the most out of your product, and so will be more likely to convert into a paying customer.

Have A Compelling Offer

What exactly are these ads offering to your audience? An ad campaign is usually run to promote a special offer that is available. Think things like discounts, giveaways and other types of deals. Of course, the offer doesn’t necessarily have to revolve around a deal – it could also propose how the product will help them or improve their life in some way.

What makes this so important at this stage is how this will affect your audience. For example, having a sale on men’s jeans will be compelling for guys looking to buy a new pair, but women will not be as interested.

Work out why your product is right for your target audience and leverage that in your campaign. This will form the basis of your message, and so it is important to get the offer right.

Understand The Buyer’s Journey

What makes the buyer’s journey so important is how it shapes the way you interact with them. With the all-important sales funnel, we know where a potential customer stands with your brand and how close or far they are from making a purchase.

To push them towards converting, you will need to nurture your brand’s relationship with them and move them along this buyer’s journey. One such way to nurture the customer is through tailored ads that understand and sympathise with their needs and desires, something which Facebook Ads excel at.

That is because Facebook actually caters to this by splitting the different ad objectives between the stages of awareness, consideration, and conversion. Based on where the buyer is in the sales funnel, you can determine the ultimate goal of your ads and how you will track their success.

Setting Up Your Facebook Ads

Now that we have done with the preparations, we can move onto setting up your Facebook Ads.

One way to get the ball rolling is to first focus on targeting your existing audience. These are the people you know best as you have already been serving them. Your knowledge of what attracts them to your brand will come in handy when setting up your first lot of ads.

Once they have been running for a bit, you can then move onto the next stage. This is where you begin work on cold traffic, audiences you want to target but have not interacted with in any way. You can get more specific with your targeting by using the data you collect from the first set of ads you have been running.

Split Testing Ads

When it comes to ads, nothing should stay still. You need to continually be looking at how you can optimise your campaign so that they are as cost-effective as possible. Split testing ads is a common way to get those cheaper clicks.

This involves running multiple ads that differ in some way. This could be variations in the wording of headlines and ad copy, the graphics used, the ad set’s demographic and sociographic targeting, or even the bidding strategy and bidding rate. Any element of the ad can be changed and then compared to the other variations to see what performed best.

Install The Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that you add to your website in order to track visitors. This data can then be used to form new audiences of people who have interacted with your brand. Knowing this, you can be a lot more focused with your ads.

There are any number of custom audiences that can be created through the use of the Facebook Pixel. You can create audiences based on which webpage they visited, the products they looked at, the buttons they clicked, and how long they stayed on a page. This can then be referenced in your Facebook Ads, selling them on the product they were interested in, for example.

Create A Facebook Funnel

Just as with email funnels, a Facebook Funnel allows you to focus on nurturing your relationship with your customers. Through Facebook Funnel dripping, you can automate the process, saving you time, money and effort.

This involves automatically dripping content (in the form of ads) to the users based on where they are in the funnel. The content is dripped to them in such a way that it moves them down the funnel, first building their knowledge and awareness of your brand, then making them consider purchasing from you, before finally pushing them to buy. This can be altered based on your specific goal for your campaign, making it both powerful and versatile.

Retargeting Website Visitors

As mentioned, there are many obvious benefits to targeting ads at those who have already visited your website, app, or Facebook page. They are already aware of your brand and have shown some interest in your products. Therefore, you can get more detailed with your Facebook Ads.

Lead magnets, a free offer or service that visitors can receive in exchange for their contact details, are another great way to build a network for retargeting later with ads. They work best with brand-aware website visitors, and can offer exclusive deals and insights that will sell your brand. These types of ads are amongst the best when it comes to personalisation, and often lead to a higher rate of conversion.

Ensure Your Facebook Ads Are A Success

When it comes to ad platforms with the greatest potential, Facebook stands amongst the top examples. Their network is expansive, with in-depth audience creation opportunities that draw from both demographic and sociographic factors to find the perfect match for your target audience. With the option of retargeting, you can cover all bases too. It is for these reasons that you should be considering Facebook Ads for your next marketing campaign.

If you are feeling creative, you could also run similar ads alongside on Instagram, another platform owned by Facebook. Instagram offers a somewhat similar experience while reaching a slightly different audience skewed to the slightly lower age ranges.

Need some expert guidance? With years of experience implementing and optimising successful campaigns, Tek Def is well-versed in the Facebook Ads platform and can help you get the most out of your ad spend on Facebook.

Don’t hesitate – let us know what your goals are and we will help lead you to achieve them.



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