The Secrets to Promoting Your Brand On TikTok

The way to promoting your brand


Why TikTok Is The Perfect Platform For Growing Your Business

Staying on top of what is new and cool is understandably difficult. Every year, it seems that a new platform becomes the next biggest thing among users. Today, the platform that seems to have taken that title is TikTok. 

With all the news, headlines and hype surrounding it, it is clear to see that it has captured the imagination of millions of people worldwide. As great as it is as a source of entertainment, it also represents a great opportunity for brands looking to reach and engage with the user base, which spans across several generations.

So What Exactly is TikTok?

Perhaps the best way to describe it is as the latest trend in social content sharing. It is primarily a mobile app where users are able to upload short video clips recorded directly from their device. While the primary focus is on music with a particular emphasis on lip-synching, dancing and karaoke style videos, you will find a whole assortment of different content on the platform. We’re not going to get into full detail on this as there is loads of information on the internet for you to read abou TikTok.

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It was in August of 2018 that TikTok announced it was merging with competitor It was following this merger that TikTok became the household name we are familiar with today. To this day, separate servers are kept for both the original Chinese Douyin app and TikTok. Otherwise, both apps offer essentially the same experience.

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How Popular Is TikTok?

To give some perspective on its popularity and spread, let’s look at the numbers. 

Current estimates on active user numbers for the app stand at around 800 million. That places it in a solid 9th position when compared to other social networking sites. It even places above some other high-profile platforms like LinkedIn or Snapchat. It has been downloaded well over 1 billion times across the Google Play Store and the App Store too.

How popular is TikTok that people choose to promoting their brand
Overall, it is clear to see that TikTok has proven to be a very successful platform. The short video format makes it ideal for the mobile platform and is easy to create content for. What this ultimately means for us in the business world is that TikTok is the best marketing opportunity right now
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How Advertising Works On TikTok

Let’s touch upon the way advertising works on TikTok. TikTok advertising is a relatively new addition to the platform. They are still developing the service with new features and attracting advertisers. Saying that, there are several ways to go about it, each with their own benefits and downsides.

  • TikTok-Adapted Ads

         – Brand Takeovers: The ad appears when TikTok users open the app and completely takes over the full screen for a few seconds before turning into an In-Feed Video ad.

         – Hashtag Challenges: This type of ad involves creating a branded hashtag that appears on the Discovery page. It encourages users to take part in user content creation challenges. 

         – Branded Lenses: Integrates your brand right into the user’s experience, ranging anywhere from stickers to AR content that users can include in their TikTok videos.

         – Influencer Marketing: Ad connects together brands and influencers on the platform.

  • The More Familiar Ad Format

         – In-Feed Video Ads: These ads appear every so often on the user feeds just as other videos do on the For You page.

How Does TikTok’s Recommendation Engine Work?

The feed that users are faced with when booting up the app is powered by a recommendation engine that balances several different factors to determine which videos to present. 

They have made it a point to state that indicators of interest in the content are more highly valued than some other factors. For example, the device type is not as significant as the data from user interaction. 

The recommendation engine is not the be all, end all of the platform, but it does provide a glimpse at how advertising based on the interests of the user works.


The way recommendation engine work


Steps For Preparing Your Business For TikTok Advertising

Now that we have walked through the basics, it is time to move forward. Here are a few important steps for you to take to prepare for advertising on TikTok and to get the most out of your TikTok ads. For full details on each step, download the book below.

Step 1 | Analyse Your Business And Define Your Goals

Step 2 | Analyse The Platform

Step 3 | Create Your TikTok Account

Step 4 | Set Up Your Ads (Campaign Level)

Step 5 | Choose Your Advertising Objective

Step 6 | Set Up Your Ads (Ad Group Level)

Step 7 | Target Your Audience Effectively

Step 8 | Put The TikTok Pixel On Your Site

Step 9 | Sort Out Your Bidding And Optimisation

Step 10 | Set Up Your Ads (Ad Level)

Step 11 | Choose An Ad Format That Fits Your Brand Best

Step 12 | Design And Create Your Ad

Step 13 | Launch Your Ads And Enjoy The Results

Take Your First Steps Now

With over 800 million active users worldwide, there is plenty of opportunities to get your brand seen on TikTok.

When it comes to marketing, the app offers several different and creative ad formats that are not really seen elsewhere, which can help your brand stand out. Sure, some of these ads will take longer to develop than others but in the long run, they will integrate better into the experience and so attract more attention. Creativity makes things stand out and is more memorable, after all.

For the right brands, it is easily one of the best platforms for expanding audiences to a significant degree, especially in the more practical approach in interacting with the users. 

Try your hand at TikTok advertising by opening your TikTok Ads account today to get an idea of what is possible. 

Read the FREE guide below for more information, we’re not able to cover everything here. You’d also probably have further questions after reading it so write or call us.



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